The current global pandemic calls for shifting our working habits and culture from face-to-face to screen-to-screen, and that stops regular internship programs from running at its prolific pace in this period of time. With that, comes Intern-shift.

Welcoming the most propelling 3-in-1 pack one could have for a design skill-set: brand identity, typeface development, editorial illustrations. 3 partnering studios, 4 weeks at each studio, for 12 weeks. 6 interns in full swing will pin down their specialty in the field, or it could even be a multidisciplinary path for one. In calculation, the possibilities are endless.

There hasn’t been a better opportunity to learn all at once. Staying home doesn’t mean staying with the old you, so don’t let working from home stop you from becoming the hybrid creative who’s “been there done that”.

Partnering Studios & Modules

Founded in 2005, Jakarta-based design studio Thinking*Room thrives on great ideas charmingly-executed and developing methods to craft lasting characters and clear voice for brands.


Design Process & Branding

Learning Goals

Interns will experience a whole branding process of developing a comprehensive identity system. With hands-on guidance and various case studies accompanied along, interns will dig and expand their findings into making their brands come to life, all made possible through ideation, research, exploration, and development.

Tokotype is a typeface-focused design studio founded in late 2015, led by Gumpita Rahayu with visions to design, develop, and distribute typeface across all mediums.


Type Design & Development

Learning Goals

At Tokotype, interns will wade through the fundamentals of digital typeface design principle. From introducing typeface design theory—to help understand the key structure of letterform through presentations, discussions—to the technicals on Glyphs App software. With theories and techniques all set, interns will then be guided to advance their skills in producing industry-standard OpenType typeface.

Design agency Visious established in 2011 focuses on brand identity, illustration, editorial design, and digital experience for varied list clients, ranging from multinational to start-ups.


Visual Narrative

Learning Goals

During their time at Visious, interns will hone in their visual storytelling craft starting with style development, executing their design and illustration, all guided through to knowledge production. All the steps taken will be made by understanding the fundamentals of visual narrative through conceptual framework, story-building, flatplan, and creative communication along the way to produce a polished zine as an outcome.

The program is also modelled off the creative industry that's becoming more fluid for the evolving designers today. For emerging talents with a plethora of curiosity, novel thinking, uncharted knacks, and unthicked boxed on their 'To Try Out' list.



Any graphic design student in their second to last year of university, from any part of the world seeking to sink their teeth into numerous design disciplines to shift forward, this pack is for you.

(Applying for Intern-shift)

You have until 19 May 2020 to send your most honest portfolio to, maximum file size is 5MB.

(Key Dates)

19 May: Latest Application
20 May: Shortlist Announcement
21-22 May: Interview
26 May: Announcement of the final 6
2 June: First Day of Internship


It isn’t, as of now.

3 months. One month at each studio.

Your portfolio that best represents you, along with a mix of commitment, enthusiasm, and self-discipline.

If your university allows it, yes. We don’t mind doing the administrative paperwork as long as it can be done digitally.

Within this period of time, online group messaging and meetings. Should the Work From Home order be lifted within the period of the program, you’re more than welcome to work in your assigned studio.

You’ll be working on internship modules assembled by each studio. At the end of each placement month, you’ll get to present your project.

You’ll receive your own report card to mark your accomplishment in finishing all the modules in the program. The work you’ll nail can go on your portfolio and you can absolutely write down the 3 partnering studios on your CV like a triple degree internship experience.

When application opens, you have until 19 May to shoot your most honest portfolio. Higher chances come from the ‘honest’ bit and you’re calling the shot. It’s all about you and your craft we always look forward to knowing.

A job is not guaranteed when you finish the program.

First of all, congratulations, you 6 wholesome whiz. Hats off to you for shooting the shot. You’ll have a program guide sent to your contact email for you to flip through before the first day of internship. The program guide will fill you in on all the details there is to know. Until then, don’t hold back your horses to explore. We’re as excited as you are.

The Info Pack